A strangely striking reminder of darker times

Ace photographer Gordon Ridgewell today offers “conservation of a different nature with these Birds of the Sky”.
“They cost around £3,000,000 each at auction these days,” he tells us. “A friend of mine who volunteers at IWM Duxford offered to take me to the Spitfire exhibition.
“It is only five miles from my home village of Littlebury but just over the border in South Cambridgeshire. Twelve Spitfires, all airworthy, were lined up in the hangar waiting for better weather to get back in the skies.
“Seeing them brought back memories of when they used to fly in anger in the 1940s. I remember having to take shelter running home from school with dog-fights in the skies and shell-cases raining down.”
Let’s all hope such days of conflict never return…