A120 dualling scheme ‘will add £2.2 billion to Essex economy’

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THE A120 is to be dualled between Braintree and the A12.
The scheme has been included in the government’s latest Investment Strategy RIS2, which runs from April 2020 to March 2025.
Highways England will take over work on the project from the county council, which prefers Option D, running from Galleys Corner at Braintree to a new junction with the A12 south of Kelvedon.
The campaign for the upgrade was headed by Priti Patel, MP for Witham, and Kevin Bentley, deputy leader of the county council.
Ms Patel said: “The case for dualling the A120 is strong and compelling and I have raised it directly with ministers in government.
“Upgrading the A120 will provide huge economic benefits to the region, will reduce congestion, improve journey times and make this road safer.
“I have been pleased to work with Essex County Council to get this scheme brought forward and will continue to work with them and Highways England to develop the plans further.
“We will carry on working with businesses and local communities to highlight the importance of this infrastructure improvement and to get the funding for the scheme secured.”
Cllr Bentley added: “The A120 is the only single-carriageway road in the UK with a major international airport, Stansted, at one end and a major international seaport, Harwich, at the other.
“It is therefore in urgent need of an upgrade, a project that will add £2.2 billion in gross value to the local economy through new jobs, business and housing while dramatically improving road safety.
“I am therefore delighted to see Highways England’s commitment to including the road in their programme.”