Another consultation for you! This time for a new road and rapid transit system at Colchester

The approximate routes of the new infrastructure

We all(?) like to get involved in a consultation every so often – and so we bring you another to help while away those dark autumn evenings.
This one is being held by Essex Highways (the transport arm of the county council) into the A120/A133 Link Road and Rapid Transit System project at Colchester.
It follows a successful bid for funding “to enable the creation of the new link road and for the first stages of an RTS to be implemented linking up key parts of Colchester”.
The scheme is part of a wider approach that “investing in infrastructure in north Essex will enable future sustainable growth and greater connectivity within Essex and beyond”.
The four principle tenets behind it are that it will support significant levels of housing growth in the area, increase employment opportunities, tackle congestion, connectivity and commuting and deliver a transformational modal shift.
Consultation brochures show the differing route options for both schemes, with the authority “looking for views to enable preferred options to be selected and more detailed design to take place”.
We are promised that “all responses to the public consultation will be recorded in a consultation report and will be considered as part of the options selection process”.
The consultation ends on Monday, December 16.
You can find more information on the consultation and a link to the questionnaire here:
If you would prefer, you can pick up a paper copy of the brochure and questionnaire from a public exhibition, where project team members can answer your questions. The venues and dates for the exhibitions can be found through the above link.
The brochures can be read at Colchester library, Prettygate library, Greenstead library, Hythe Community Centre, Old Heath Community Centre and the Community Hall Abbots. If you’re really keen, you can take one home from Colchester Town Hall.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019