At last, the meeting to get examination of London Resort under way has a date

The fate of this marvellous place lies in the balance (pic Paul Buckley)

Whisper it quietly (or not), but we are finally seeing progress with examination of the proposed London Resort theme park at Swanscombe.
After delays and uncertainty caused by developer LRCH asking for more time to address both transport issues and the peninsula’s designation as a Site of Scientific Interest – together with its failure to produce necessary documents and doubts that it had consulted enough parties in preparing submissions – we now have a date for the preliminary hearing.
A letter from Rynd Smith, lead panel member for the examining authority, announced yesterday (Monday, February 14) that the meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 29-30 (this year!), with reserve dates of Tuesday and Wednesday, April 5-6, should they be required.
Yesterday’s letter read: “The purpose of the Preliminary Meeting is purely procedural, to enable views to be put to us about when and how the application should be examined. The Agenda for the meeting… divides the meeting into two stages.
“• Stage 1 will be held on 29 and 30 March 2022 and will consider the question of when to examine the application in the light of recent and likely future progress by the Applicant to address important and relevant issues and provide supporting information. It will support a decision on the timing of the examination.
“• Stage 2 will be held on 30 March if required and would consider how to examine the application in circumstances where a decision on timing has been made and the application is proposed to enter Examination commencing at the end of March 2022.”
All those wanting to participate in the preliminary meeting must register by Tuesday, March 15.
In essence, we now have a roadmap for examination of this contentious project to proceed…

  • Although this development is proposed for the Kent side of the Thames, it does have implications for Essex. To read why, click here
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