Colourful memories from the summer to give us all some cheer amid the gloom

Gloomy, isn’t it!
Grey seems to be the order of the day in so many ways. For some that is doubtless not an issue, but others will cherish just a memory of warmer, more colourful days.
So here’s a picture from the redoubtable Gordon Ridgewell, who took this shot of two small tortoiseshells back in June.
“There have been hundreds of butterflies in our garden at Littlebury,” wrote Gordon. “Is less pollution anything to do with the amazing amount of butterflies around?
“In the early morning they feed with their wings out flat, but as the sun gets warmer they close their wings when feeding. I captured these two at 7.30 this morning.”
Hopefully, by the time the air is next filled with such winged wonders, we will all be able to get out properly and enjoy them.