Solar farms: CPRE Essex policy statement

Solar farms are a contentious issue in the Essex countryside (pic Low Carbon)

Solar farms: a thorny subject for so many.
They are trumpeted by some as laudable examples of green, renewable energy provision, while others highlight their undoubted impact on the landscape.
As the countryside charity, CPRE Essex has addressed both sides of the debate and put together its own policy statement on the matter.
There can never be a one-size-fits-all approach, and each application should be judged on its merits. However, our starting position is predicated on the following statement:
“Meeting our energy goals should not be used to justify the wrong development in the wrong location and this includes the use of high-quality land. Protecting the global environment is not an excuse to trash the local environment.”

  • Essex is already subject to several solar-farm proposals and we can doubtless expect more. To learn about some of plans already in process, click here
  • To read the CPRE Essex policy statement on solar farms, click here