CPRE Essex: we have a new chairman

Our hugely varied county deserves protection

Essex has a new chairman – and he is ready and raring to go as we step up our efforts to keep the county the very special place it still is.
It will not be easy. The pressures of development are arguably greater than ever before. The clamour to build houses to help fire the South East economy is deafening, while proposals for new infrastructure such as the Lower Thames Crossing threaten swathes of countryside.
We can’t, of course, do it without you. We hope that you might consider joining us – you can do so through this website – or at the very least support us in our campaigning for the Essex countryside.
We hope you like this rebranded website – a lot of thought has gone into its design and content – and we would like to hear both what you think of it and what else you would like to see on it.
This site will evolve and the best way for that to happen is for CPRE Essex members and supporters to let us know their views.
It is important to stress that we are not against all development. We know that houses must be built and that services for a growing population have to be provided.
However, this must be done with care and respect for our environment, rural and urban alike. A planning regime that caters only for the wishes of builders to swell their bank balances, or to the political trend of the day, will only work to the detriment of Essex.
We want to work with developers, local authorities and central government to provide the growth that is inevitably coming without ruining this most diverse of counties forever. Remember, when it’s gone, it’s gone.
With levels of housebuilding proving such an enduring issue, our attitude is clear: ‘Build the right houses in the right places’. We will develop this theme as we progress, but for now we’ll leave the last word with our new chairman, David Knight:
“I have lived in Essex all my life but have been fortunate, through both work and holidays, to see other parts of Europe and the world. 
“Growing up in the countryside of Little Laver and being part of the farming community made me aware of the special heritage we are privileged to enjoy in this county. Many of my ancestors are native to this part of Essex.
“My vision for CPRE Essex is that, as one of the biggest counties in England, we should be a leading light in influencing government and organisations about the value of our beautiful county.
“We must ensure we protect its heritage while balancing the need for housing and infrastructure.
“We have to take care that the next generation is aware of the benefits of the countryside and how important the natural world is to its well-being – and how it needs to be respected. 
“To do this, we need to attract people of all generations to join us in the cause.”
To learn more about our new chairman, David Knight, see here