Do you know anyone who needs food and essential supplies at this time? Help is available

We're having to make do without farmers' markets during the crisis... do you know anyone struggling to get food?

First and foremost, all at CPRE Essex hope you are keeping safe and well. It’s not easy, but the more closely we stick to government guidelines during the Covid-19 lockdown the more quickly it should end.
No one is unaffected by the regulations that have been put in place, but some are bound to be struggling more than others. Sadly, there will be people who are isolated from any form of social contact and unable to get essential food and supplies.
In response to the current situation, local authorities and organisations have set up the Community Shield, which is bringing volunteers together with the people most in need of help.
Running in tandem with this is the Essex Resilience Forum (ERF), comprising the county’s public-sector organisations and tasked with ensuring people with serious health conditions across are shielded from social contact for at least 12 weeks. Those people have been contacted by the NHS and offered food package.
Distribution hubs has been set up in Witham within Southend and Thurrock districts. Food has already been delivered to the most vulnerable residents.
If you need help with essential supplies during this pandemic – or you know someone else who – you are asked to contact the Essex Welfare Service (EWS), either via its website or by phoning 0300 303 9988 (Monday-Friday 8am-7pm and Saturday-Sunday 10am-2pm). If possible, you should have your NHS number to hand.