Farmers café relaunch can be a win-win for everyone

For some of us, the life of a farmer must seem close to idyllic (even if we acknowledge the amount of hard work it entails).
However, there are a worrying number of people in the agricultural world who are prone to loneliness and, sometimes, resultant depression and other mental-health issues. Think about it: a day spent, say, ploughing a field gives precious little opportunity to meet people.
With this in mind, Uttlesford Farmers’ Café has been re-established.
I went to last month’s (January) relaunch on behalf of CPRE Essex to both understand such concerns and help make those involved in agriculture more aware of CPRE Essex.
I believe many in the farming community would make for sound CPRE Essex members who could help us while meeting others and finding companionship with like-minded people.
The meeting, at Throws Farm Technology Centre, Stebbing, was set by the Uttlesford arm of the CVS (Council for Voluntary Service) and the FCN (Farming and Community Network), supported by estate agency Sworders.
It was fairly well attended, with representatives from the RCCE (Rural Community Council of Essex), Essex Police and mental-health charity Mind, as well as a rector for pastoral care and some from the farming community.
The purpose of the meeting was to highlight the loneliness, stress and in some cases mental illness that can exist among farmers and farmworkers as well as to relaunch the provision of a meeting place where people can meet for a coffee, chat, spare experiences and support each other.
The café also offers personal outreach, with staff happy to visit farms through the FCN.

  • To learn more, phone 01371 878400 or visit here