For she’s a jolly good Fellow!

Tricia Moxey FBNA!

Congratulations to Tricia Moxey, CPRE Essex vice-chairman, who has been awarded a British Naturalists’ Association Fellowship.
Tricia was honoured at the association’s conference on Saturday, May 11, an event that saw a rich and varied range of talks.
Tricia said: “The speakers were outstanding in explaining their particular areas of research.
“Professor Sarah Wanless spoke about her fascinating work on seabirds and sandeels, while Maya Plass’s enthusiasm for educating the public about marine protection was infectious.
“Lastly, Dr Tom Cameron from the University of Essex spoke about the work of his research team in looking at the value of marine restoration. This included the green slime on the top of estuarine mud, saltmarshes as a nursery habitat for fish fry and how to save the native English oyster.
“They were all awarded a Fellowship (Honoris Causa) of the BNA.
“In addition, Professor Wanless received the Peter Scott Memorial Award.  Others who have received this accolade include Sir David Attenborough, Chris Packham and Bill Oddie.”
Fine company indeed, and the award means Tricia can now add FBNA after her name!
Happily, she was encouraged by what she found at the conference.
“It was interesting to meet up with some enthusiastic naturalists and share concerns about the state of the environment,” she said.
“Fortunately, there are a number of younger members who hopefully will be able to carry on the traditions of accurate identification and recording that must underpin any monitoring of the state of the natural world.”

Thursday, May 30, 2019