Gordon takes a typically wry look at the season of the jab… and, erm, treats us to his music of choice

Gordon Ridgewell has become a bit of a CPRE Essex internet sensation over the past year or so as he has entertained us with his delightful photographs… now he chooses to share his musical tastes:
“So I am all jabbed up and ready to go clubbing again. All chair-dancing clubs are closed, so it’s Plan B. I just have to listen to The Bluebell Polka by Jimmy Shand, the only Scottish dance band to be on Top of the Pops in the 1950s.
“It was the oldies’ turn again for a second jab – believe me, they should not let that amount of old people be together. People standing up trying to get pullovers and coats on while keeping control of walking sticks and spectacles, getting totally disorientated and unable to find the exit.
“It took ages to exit the car park, avoiding zimmer frames and wheelchairs. Some cars had been abandoned where they had stopped as people were having trouble getting in and out.
“Roll on, Covid-free!”
We’ll all jig to that, Gordon!

  • Click here to listen to The Bluebell Polka. Warning: You might find it distresses your sense of hearing (and taste)