Happy New Year and let’s enjoy Essex!

The way ahead... with CPRE Essex!

Happy New Year to you!
We hope you enjoyed a relaxing and uplifting Christmas and New Year holiday – we all need to recharge the batteries every so often.
And now? Well, fully refreshed, it’s back to business. We are truly blessed to live in this beautiful, extraordinary county of Essex, so our first appeal is for everyone to savour and cherish this most special of counties. Get out there and enjoy it in all its glory!
Of course, such treasures must be kept safe and that is why CPRE Essex exists: to fight for and protect all that is so wonderful about the incredible county we love.
CPRE Essex came a long way in 2019… and we aim to go a lot further in 2020. We want you to be with us on that journey, so please keep checking out the website and our Facebook page (Twitter should be back soon), while prepare yourselves for a rollercoaster ride as we do all can to keep Essex beautiful!