Hare-coursing: if you see it, report it! You really can make a difference

They've been at it again...

Hare-coursing can sometimes seem an interminable problem in parts of our countryside – and indeed the practice brings misery to many as well as threaten populations of one of our most endearing mammals.
However, the rural engagement team at Essex Police are encouraging us all to do our bit in helping tackle this scourge.
“If we all work together, we stand a much better chance of making it difficult for offenders to carry out their illegal activity. Report all suspicious activity,” they say in their most recent newsletter.
“Have you noticed anything unusual or suspicious? Call it in, 999 if it’s a crime in progress or 101 if not. Alert us to their presence before they commit crime, let us have the type of car and the registration. We’ll get to the area and begin our patrols.
“If you are a victim of hare-coursing, please feel free to contact the team. Report all crime. Remember… See it – Report it!”
You can also email rural.engagement.team@essex.police.uk
And indeed there have been some successes against the coursing criminals, as the accompanying pictures show (captions courtesy of Essex Police).

This car was abandoned following hare-coursing 

This car decided to drive over crops and fail to stop for officers
on two separate occasions but was 
stopped and the driver arrested 

This vehicle was used in Lincolnshire, found in Essex and seized