Investing in Rochford? Here comes another solar farm…

Grasslands Solar Farm has been backed by Rochford councillors (pic Low Carbon)

“It is really great these companies come to Rochford and want to invest in Rochford in these ways to generate electricity to make us less reliant on carbon and foreign country supply.”
The above words from Rochford councillor Daniel Efde, as reported by the BBC, give an idea of how some people think. Whether many of the rest of us would see applying to build a solar farm is really wanting to “invest in Rochford” is another matter, but, either way, Cllr Efde’s fellow councillors appeared to agree with him in granting planning permission for the 247-acre Grasslands Solar Farm.
Sited on farmland south of the River Crouch, developer Low Carbon says its scheme will power more than 16,000 homes over the next 40 years.
Objectors to the development cited loss of farmland and impact on wildlife, but Low Carbon said it would be planting almost four miles of hedgerow and 1,500 trees.
The scheme was approved by Rochford District Council’s planning committee on Thursday (November 23).