London Resort plans withdrawn…

The pressure is off... hopefully for good (pic Paul Buckley)

“…and for this relief, much thanks”, as Shakespeare might have said. The plans for a ‘world-class’ theme park on the post-industrial landscape of the Swanscombe peninsula have been withdrawn, just before the formal public examination was due to begin.
For a whole decade the proposals have been discussed and amended and discussed again, but it is more recently that it has become clear just how important the site has become for wildlife and nature as heavy industries turned away from the site.
Indeed, Natural England recognised this in November 2021 when it granted the site its designation as a Site of Special Scientific Interest for the plants, geology, birds and invertebrates the site houses. It is the complex and fragile inter-linkages of these species that make the site so special, and it is one of only two UK sites where the critically endangered distinguished jumping spider can be found (the other is on the far side of the Thames on the West Thurrock Marshes).
Support for the site’s promotion began to dwindle with the departure of the BBC and ITV as backers in February. And on Tuesday, March 29, we learned that the promoters have withdrawn the application, providing welcome respite from the threat of development on this sensitive site for the time being. But – along with the community groups and other environmental NGOs who have worked tirelessly to get this far – we will continue to stand firm to protect this special area from any further proposals for inappropriate development.

  • Although this development is proposed for the Kent side of the Thames, it does have implications for Essex. To read why, click here
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