Lower Thames Crossing bid accepted for government inspection

We've all seen the image enough times... is the LTC about to become reality?

Renewed plans for the hugely damaging Lower Thames Crossing have crossed their first hurdle with the Planning Inspectorate’s decision to accept the National Highways scheme for examination.
CPRE has campaigned hard against the proposal and the decision to accept the Decision Consent Order comes as a blow. Across the river, Hilary Newport, director of CPRE Kent, said: “We are disappointed it has progressed this far – surely we should have learnt by now that building more and more roads simply increases congestion.
“Further, the myth that the Lower Thames Crossing is about easing congestion has been laid to rest anyway. It is in fact about urban growth in the Thames estuary, which will of course add yet further to congestion.”
This revised bid comes after National Highways withdrew its original application in November last year.

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