Need someone to talk to? Then there’s a helpline just for you

Earlier this year, our chairman David Knight celebrated the relaunch of the Uttlesford Farmers’ Café, a place that gave those who live and work in the countryside the opportunity to meet and talk with other people (see here).
As he said at the time: “There are a worrying number of people in the agricultural world who are prone to loneliness and, sometimes, resultant depression and other mental-health issues. Think about it: a day spent, say, ploughing a field gives precious little opportunity to meet people.”
Mental health has arguably never had a greater profile than it does now, but of course it can never be a bad time to highlight the work of the Farming Community Network, which played a big part in setting up the farmers’ café.
The network has a national helpline for people to talk and share any troubles they might have.
It is open from 7am-11pm every day of the year, including Christmas Day.
As the FCN says: “Simply talking to someone is often the first step towards resolving your situation.
“When you’re ready to talk, we will be there to listen.
“Our volunteers are on hand to provide a sympathetic ear and will treat your case confidentially and without judgement.
“If you would like someone to talk to, then The Farming Community Network is here for you, no matter what your concern is.”

  • The helpline phone number is 03000 111 999
  • The helpline email address is

Wednesday, July 24, 2019