Our Lovely Essex: blackthorn blossom and dreams of sloe gin

Jane Elwood's image of blackthorn blossom is lovely in its own right but also hints at delights yet to come

Our Lovely Essex has drawn a range of images from across the county and here we present a striking shot of blackthorn blossom from Jane Elwood. We can do no better than leave the story behind it, together with a message of hope, to Jane herself…

I took this photo on my dog walk during Lockdown on March 25. One of my favourite walks, I always enjoy being a part of the seasons and noticing almost daily changes to the fields, trees and hedgerows.
Government guidelines may be restricting my movements and social interaction, but they have also heightened my awareness that Mother Nature carries on regardless!
I took the photo of blackthorn blossom not only because it’s beautiful at the moment but in the spirit of looking forward to the time when we can gather the plump, juicy sloes for my husband’s annual preparation of sloe gin – and sipping the delicious drink sitting by the roaring log fire.
By which time, hopefully, coronavirus will have been vanquished and consigned to the history books…

  • That’s quite a picture Jane has created there. Hopefully, you might be motivated to send in your own images. If so, please email your contribution and a brief description to dmairs@cpre-essex.org.uk