Pylons scheme: final consultation has begun. So it’s over to you…

What are your thoughts on many more of these coming to Essex? (pic National Grid)

The third and final consultation on National Grid’s plans to place a line of pylons from Norwich to Tilbury has just begun – and we urge everyone who is concerned about the scheme to get involved.
The statutory consultation began on Wednesday, April 10, and runs until Tuesday, June 18. It is the last chance for people to have their say on the project, known as East Anglia GREEN.
NG says: “We are proposing to build approximately 184 km of new electricity transmission reinforcement between Norwich and Tilbury. This will be made up mostly of overhead line and pylons, along with some underground cables and a new 400 kV substation. Our proposals are part of The Great Grid Upgrade – the largest overhaul of the grid in generations.
“Norwich to Tilbury will play a vital role in delivering electricity efficiently, reliably, and safely and will support the UK’s move to reduce carbon emissions.
“The way we generate electricity in the UK is changing rapidly and we’re transitioning to cheaper, cleaner and more secure forms of energy, like new offshore windfarms. We need to make changes to the network of overhead lines, pylons, cables and other infrastructure that transports electricity around the country, so that everyone has access to the clean electricity from these new renewable sources.
“The Government has set a commitment to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and an ambition to connect 50 GW of offshore wind by 2030 – enough energy to power every home in the country.
“To achieve this, offshore wind is being developed at scale and around 60% of the current offshore wind projects will come ashore along the East Coast.
“Couple this with new nuclear generation proposed at Sizewell C and greater interconnection with countries across the North Sea, we expect to see a significant increase in the level of renewable and low carbon electricity generation connecting in East Anglia.
“While our existing high voltage electricity network in East Anglia has been sufficient until today, it doesn’t have the capability needed to reliably and securely transport all the energy that will be connected by 2030 while working to the required standards.”
CPRE Essex questions the need for this destructive project and believes the full range of alternatives has been neither adequately assessed nor properly consulted on.
We appreciate that the UK has to reach net-zero targets and achieve greater energy security by increased use of renewable energy but say that the emphasis should be on technologies that will minimise adverse impact on productive farmland and the visual quality of tranquil and historic landscapes.

  • We submitted a substantial response to NG’s second non-statutory consultation and you can read that here
  • To take part in the new consultation, click here
  • The campaign group Pylons East Anglia is contesting the plans and pushing for an offshore grid instead; you can visit the website here