Shop UK… and enjoy home delivery

CPRE has been highlighting the plight of rural businesses struggling to survive the coronavirus lockdown and encouraging as many people as possible to support them.
Now a free website that promotes UK-made or designed consumer products has launched a home-delivery feature across the country.
YouK enables users to “shop for everything that is made in the UK, from cheese to hand cream, jumpers to gin, beds to bikes”.
“We launched a year ago last April with the simple idea to support all UK businesses,” said Janey Millar, of YouK.
“Some 95 per cent of all UK businesses are already on the site, including thousands of innovative brands that are little known. We are particularly proud of the boost that small businesses can receive, and helping consumers discover them.”
Derek Poots founded the website in Edinburgh. “UK businesses have responded magnificently to their customers’ needs,” he said. “They can deliver to you, and they need your support now, more than ever. Our site enables people to find home deliveries for products such as meat, breakfast cereal, soap and wine. It’s a win for everyone.”
YouK has an interactive map, with search and filter functions at both national and local level. For example, you can see more than 700 UK breweries on the map, zoom down to your local area and filter by types of beer or see those that are gluten-free.
“Each time we buy a national or local product we cut product miles, on average, by a factor of 10. And each local spending choice supports communities and local jobs and, in turn, all of our public services such as the NHS.”
YouK earns commission on products bought through some links.

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