Strategy 2020-26

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We at CPRE Essex are very clear in our purpose and ambitions. We aim to protect the county from inappropriate development, creating a sustainable and attractive future for this very special county.

CPRE Essex: fights for what is so special about our countryside

  • Campaigns for and supports the protection of Essex rural landscapes
  • Pushes for greater conservation of designated landscapes such as Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Campaigns for ‘brownfield-first’, encouraging previously urbanised or industrialised sites to be developed before greenfield areas
  • Promotes new ways to enhance the Green Belt within the county
  • Ensures local authorities adhere to recommendations and guidelines on landscape protection laid out by national government
  • Works with both the CPRE national network and other relevant organisations in protection of our countryside

CPRE Essex: connects people with their countryside

  • Helps ensure as many people as possible benefit from their local green spaces
  • Supports local communities in identifying acceptable sites for development
  • Helps people understand how to access and enjoy the countryside
  • Highlights the importance of the Countryside Code of Conduct
  • Helps communities develop skills so they have a greater say in the future of their environment
  • This website continues to develop and keep Essex residents in touch with rural news and issues
  • Social media output offers swift contact with supporters and members of CPRE Essex and all concerned with the future of their countryside

CPRE Essex: there for people in the countryside

  • Promotes health and well-being projects such as farmers’ cafés and work with like-minded charities
  • Campaigns for affordability and public-sector house-building for people to rent

CPRE Essex: highlights the impact of climate change

  • Demonstrates the effect on climate, and in turn on the natural environment, that unrestrained development can have

CPRE Essex: ensures countryside has a place on the political agenda

  • Contributes to the development of Local Plans
  • Engages with both local and national government on rural matters
  • Lobbies government and attends Westminster briefings on behalf of Essex residents

CPRE Essex: spreads the rural message

  • Prepares press releases and articles for traditional media such as newspapers and engages with broadcast media including TV, radio and internet
  • Social media output reaches news outlets as well as people from all walks of life and of all ages across the county

CPRE Essex: keeps animal welfare in the spotlight

  • Publicises the plight of both domestic and wild animals in the countryside

CPRE Essex: promotes the importance of a strong local economy

  • Demonstrates how an attractive rural environment benefits local businesses