The Clatterbury Oak is saved – and it’s now got a preservation order!

The petition to spare the Catterbury Oak reached more than 1,300 signatures

With Easter almost upon us, let’s share some more good news!
A planning application to fell an ancient Essex tree has been refused.
Developers looking to build an access road as part of proposals to put up five new houses had applied for permission to remove the Clatterbury Oak, on the edge of the village of Clavering.
A petition to save the tree and, further, give ancient trees automatic protection under the law was set up by Jilly McNaughton – and last week Uttlesford District Council planners refused permission for the Pelham Structures scheme at Clavering.
Not only that, but the Clatterbury Oak has been endowed with a Tree Preservation Order. Some of its acorns have already been collected – with more to be gathered this autumn – with the intention of planting 100 saplings around the village to preserve its genetic heritage.

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