The general election is a month away: it’s make or break for the countryside

The countryside matters! Do our politicians agree? (pic John Bloxsome)

CPRE has responded to the news that a general election will be held on Thursday, July 4, calling on all political parties to recognise the value of the countryside.
Elli Moody, head of policy, campaigns and communications at CPRE, the countryside charity, said: “This general election will be make or break for the countryside. We call on all political parties to recognise the value of the countryside and the role it can play in tackling the challenges that face our country and our planet.
“The next government will be faced with era-defining decisions on housing, environmental protections and energy supply. These will have big impacts on rural communities and our finite supply of land. We urge all political parties to think about the future while tackling the priorities of today.
“Decisive action is required to protect our green spaces at the same time as delivering the genuinely affordable housing people are crying out for up and down the country.
“To decarbonise our energy system, we need to unlock the potential of our rooftops to deliver clean and sustainable electricity while upgrading our crumbling energy grid.
“The climate emergency is the biggest threat to the countryside. We need a long-term, cross-departmental vision for how we manage and use land across England and a planning system with local communities at its heart.
“With enough political will, it is possible to build a Britain fit for the future and protect the countryside for everyone’s benefit.”