Cub photographer

Rather than close the week with a Gordon Ridgewell special, this time round we start things with a selection from the great man.
These three cover a few weeks – indeed, they pre-date the current heatwave.
He tells the story of his encounter with fox cubs…
“It couldn’t get much better, walking the lanes in the north-west of the county, me and my camera and not an Essex Girl in sight… just listening to the sounds of the countryside. Red kites gliding in the sky and the fox cubs exploring their new world.”
And the woodpigeons…
“Here I am sitting indoors to keep warm and I look outside and sitting on the fence are two pigeons looking really fed up. I hope the weather soon warms up – it doesn’t feel much like global warming.”
That chill now seems a long time ago – but don’t worry, it will return.
Completing this attractive triumvirate is a shot showing cow parsley in the water meadows by the mill at Littlebury. As ever, enjoy!