Our Lovely Essex: of vigilance and vipers

The way we were: the beautiful view from Joanna's garden

… and then the hatchets got to work

The word ‘Essex’ is, for those lucky enough to live here, interchangeable with ‘Paradise’, but of course we must never be naïve or complacent… after all, even the Garden of Eden had its viper.
Joanna Campora lives in the south of the county and sent us two images that show how quickly we can lose what we treasure.
“Our neighbours have turned their otherwise lush, evergreen garden into a virtual pig pen. Not one shrub in sight and we’re completely overlooked now!” reports an enraged Joanna.
Sadly, we are not always able to influence the antics of our neighbours, but Joanna’s sorry tale is a salutary reminder that we must always stay vigilant if we are to keep Our Lovely Essex…